Taking the Field for NVRQT

You may know him as a Major League Pitcher who won the World Series with the Red Sox in 2007, but Jon Lester is more than just a great baseball player. He is a cancer survivor.  

At the age of 21, Jon was a young man with an entire lifetime ahead of him. Already a promising young athlete, he had big plans and even bigger dreams. All of which were called into question when he was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, he was faced with the same uncertainty that every young person must deal with when they receive a similar diagnosis. He worried that the future he'd dreamed about would be cut short by illness.  

Even though he found himself in the grips of a life-threatening disease, Jon was determined to survive. He found strength in the constant support of family, friends and teammates which was crucial throughout his treatments. That same support continued to be just as critical when Jon found himself on the road to recovery. Every small caring gesture and token of encouragement gave him the strength he needed to fight back against his cancer and win.

Now in his seventh year of being cancer-free, Jon Lester is on a mission to raise awareness and support for the NVRQT campaign. Through countless endorsements and hands-on interaction, Jon has joined forces with NVRQT to promote the pediatric cancer cause. He knows that although there are hundreds of various cancer research funds and foundations in existence, not nearly enough are dedicated specifically to pediatric cancer.

In recent years, Jon's dedication to pediatric cancer awareness has only increased as he and his wife, Farrah, have started their own family. As parents, they can fully empathize with any family going through the struggles associated with pediatric cancer. By his continued connection to the NVRQT campaign, Jon hopes that his family can serve as a source of inspiration for those whose children are battling cancer just as Jon, a cancer survivor, encourages each child to NEVER QUIT.


Story by Fox News

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